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What if.....

Like a lot of us I have had some spare time on my hands I started to think about what I would do if I hadn't started my business and became an artist. It has inspired this post so here goes!

I love clothes!(as my heaving wardrobe would show!). I also enjoy sewing so the obvious choice would be a clothes designer. I have been plus size all my life, getting clothes I wanted, not just what was available has always been a struggle! I have learned a few alteration tricks over the years to get the fit /look I want but I would have loved to been able to build a affordable and trendy brand for plus size ladies!

Another passion of mine is Sci fi and Fantasy films. I would have loved to become a special effects make up artist. I have obviously passed this onto my girls as they both Cosplay ( make up and dress up in costumes based on film/comic book characters) and we attend Comic Cons. I am fascinated at the talent of the cosplayers at these events. I would have loved to learn all the techniques they use in the movies and on photo shoots! I have never really liked conventional beauty but there is something about the mix of creativity and skill in this genre that really has me hooked!

Lastly I would have loved to have been a musician. From a young age music has played a big part in my life, from singing to the cows in the fields where I lived (poor animals, but I always drew a crowd lol) to playing around with a keyboard and then in later life learning basic guitar and ukulele. Unfortunately I have no natural talent but just play for my own enjoyment. I am envious of those who can play in public.

So there you have it. A little insight to what goes on in my head ( I wont tell you too much, its a scary place at times!)

Till next time ........

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