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I thought I would show you some of my favourite reference books that I use when I need a bit of help with my art process!


Before we get stuck into the books I must tell you about my favourite second hand bookshop Leaky's in Inverness. I swear every time I walk in I feel like I am walking in the library in Hogwarts! It's based in an old church and the smell of old books and the thousands of books on the shelves is my idea of heaven! For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/LeakeysBookshop .


Now on with the books!

The Complete Drawing and Sketching Course - Stan Smith.

This one I bought a couple of years back in Leaky's (yes the bookshop I just wrote about!) It is a great basic foundation book with clear instruction and lots of illustrations. I still refer to it now for help with ratios and perspective sketching.


Manga Techniques - Drawing for Beginners Vol.1

I like this book as I dabble with characters to sell at Comic Cons and I find the references in this book very helpful with scale and especially manga style faces. I actually bought this when I was at a Glasgow comic con 3 years ago and find it really useful even now!


The Great Zentangle Book - Beale Winker, CZT and Friends

I really enjoy "tangling" and this book has 101 patterns to learn and expand upon. I like the fact it not only gives you step by step instructions but also examples of how they can be expanded on. For those of you who don't know what Zentangles is, it is a method to create beautiful image by drawing patterns either within a square of you can experiment drawing them within outlines of drawings such as feathers.


The Mandala Sketchbook

Now this isn't so much a book to read so much as circular grid marked paper that is a god send when creating mandalas! I used to struggle trying to get the symmetry in the pattern but now its a doddle!


So there you have it! Another little insight to my art process! Hope you enjoyed!

Till next time.......

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