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3 Ways Arts and Craft Helped During Pandemic

We have all had to deal with some pretty big life changes of late and a lot of focus has been on how we are all coping on a mental level as well as keeping safe from Covid 19 so I thought I would share the ways in which my art and crafting has helped me!

#1 Fighting off the boredom of lock down.

The biggest problem with lock down was the lack of stimulation as normal life and human contact came to a grinding halt. No work and everyone at home with not much to do, I found that having a project to focus on gave me structure to my day and made me feel productive. I loved the fact that I could use social media to find challenges such a photography or art prompts for helping me keep going when my inspiration got blocked, Even if you don't finish the challenges just getting going is half the battle. My favourite was the 30 day sketchbook challenge on Facebook. You can join the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/149677712423067

#2 Escaping the stress

Being stuck in the same house 24/7 with my family ( as much as i hate to say it) was very stressful at times as well as worrying about family and friends. I found getting lost in simple craft projects or drawing gave me a very much needed escape and some relief from all the worry! A favourite thing I love to do is the 5D Diamond Art Kits. I just follow the pattern so not much thinking needed and I can just get lost in the process and produce beautiful Art for the home. There are hundreds of kits of all prices available on Amazon or Ebay .

A LITTLE TIP - if you go for anything under a minimum size of 30cm x 30cm or one of the really cheap kits they loose a lot of detail of the picture they advertise!

#3 Expressing Myself

I find that drawing and creating helps keep me connected to who I am . Although I love to try lots of different techniques with my art, the thread that connects all of my projects is my interpretation. Even when I get the art challenges I am always thinking about how to interpret it in my own way. During this pandemic when all that was on the news and social media feeds were terrible and frightening, expressing myself through drawing helped keep me grounded and not overwhelmed.

So I would encourage anyone to find a way to be creative whether it be knitting, crochet, pebble decoration, drawing, painting, crafting, baking, sewing, writing, diy or whatever you fancy trying as the mental health benefits are worth the effort!

till next time.......

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